PBISP.B.I.S. or Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a tiered behavior management system that has been implemented at Dry Creek Elementary School. During the 2014-2015 school year we began by teaching student the expected behaviors in common areas of the schools.

All adults began using a common language with students to encourage Respectful, Responsible, and Safe behavior. Students were shown what this behavior looks like and sounds like in all common areas including hallways, playground, lunch room, bathrooms, etc. When students are caught doing the right thing, they are rewarded with a dragon ticket. Dragon tickets are then used to draw for a chance to get a picture taken and posted on the wall near the office of the school. Students can also earn other rewards. The purpose for this behavior management plan is to provide students with a common language and consistent expectations .

This provides students with a safe, predictable environment and provides adults with a consistent way of enforcing behavior management throughout the school. If you have questions about P.B.I.S. and how it looks at Dry Creek, call or stop by! We would love to share what we have learned!